Dr. Freidoon Mehrad

Instructor's Profile: Dr. Freidoon Mehrad

Freidoon Mehrad has extensive teaching and industry experiences in field of Electronics and Semiconductors. He was a faculty member at Electrical Engineering department at University of Louisiana for 5 years and teaching electronics and device physics before joining TI in 1990. While at TI as a process integration engineer, he has 19 years of experience with various aspects of process integration, silicon processing, process and device simulations and testing. He has worked on 2 nodes of Flash memory and 90nm, 45nm of CMOS devices. Also he was involved in metal gate activities. During his time at TI, he developed and taught a course "Fundamental of device physics and CMOS processing". Presently he is an adjunct faculty and teaching semiconductor devices courses online. Freidoon has 5 publications and holding 45 patents. He earned his Ph.D. is Solid State Electronics and Device Physics from Louisiana State University. He is a registered professional engineer in state of Texas.

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