Dr.Vesselin Vassilev

Dr.Vesselin Vassilev.

The lecturer of this ESD training series is Dr.Vesselin Vassilev. Dr. Vassilev has more than 12years of experience in the area of ESD technology, devices and IC design, developing his career both in academia and industry. Dr. Vassilev holds Master of Applied Physics Degree from the University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and EE Ph.D. Degree from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Before establishing Novorell Technologies, a startup company developing ESD EDA software solutions and providing ESD design consultancy services to companies worldwide, Dr. Vassilev held career positions related to ESD design support at IMEC, Belgium and Texas Instruments, Dallas, USA . Dr. Vassilev has contributed to more than 40 publications and 2 patents on ESD related topics. He is presently acting as the General Chair for the 2010 EOS/ESD Symposium.

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