Analog Layout Techniques

Analog Layout Techniques

In today's layout environment IC devices are becoming more complex, smaller and being developed on shorter and shorter production schedules. This course is designed to introduce the Advance Layout Techniques needed to understand and develop great Mixed Signal and Custom Analog layout. We will strive to take you from understanding the basics of layout and device fabrication, to develop advanced strategies and solutions to deal with the issues addressed in Precise Analog Layout, such as Noise considerations, Isolation issues and Matching techniques. Related topics also discussed Padring and ESD guidelines, coordinating Mixed Signal layout efficiently, Chip level integration and project completion to TapeOut.

Currently Scheduled Course Dates

  • Jan 27 (Thu), 2011 - Dallas, TX
  • Mar 24 (Thu), 2011 – Austin, TX

What you'll learn from this course

  • Fundamentals of device fabrication and Layout
  • Issues addressed in Analog Layout
  • Strategies for isolating critical Devices
  • Techniques used for Matching Devices and Nets
  • Best Practices and other layout considerations
  • FloorPlanning, size estimates and meeting project deadlines
  • Overview of Physical Verification (DRC, LVS, Methodology)
  • Design environment and automated tool considerations
  • Effective interaction with circuit designers- ask questions, providing solutions
  • Chip level issues, the completed picture.

Course Prerequisites

  • Basic understanding of IC layout.

Course Overview

  • Fundamentals of Device Fabrication and Layout
    • From layout to Fabrication
    • Issues with Fabrication, Noise considerations and Isolation
    • Layout generation (Manual vs. Automated)
  • Techniques of Advance Analog Layout
    • Matching from minimal to precise
    • Common Centroid and device placement
    • Net shielding and net matching
  • Floorplanning
    • Where to Start and sizes estimates
    • Block placements and Power bus routing
    • Meeting schedules
    • Interaction with the circuit designers
  • Other topics of overall Design Methodology
    • Introduction to physical verification
    • Design environments and automated tools
  • Advance topics
    • Wire Bonding and pinout
    • Auto place and route tools, XL
    • New tools (Open Access)

Sample slides

  • Be added soon.

Who Should Attend

  • Analog layout designer
  • Analog Circuit Designer
  • Digital designer
  • Physical designer
  • Layout designer
  • New college graduates
  • Design and Layout Manager

Course Materials

  • A hardcopy of the "Presentation materials" will be included as part of the course.

Instructor's Profile: Virgilio J Escutia

Virgilio J Escutia has been developing Mixed Signal and High Power Analog Layout for 15 years. His career experiences include developing Memory cells with a Start-up company in Austin, Texas, High speed and Linear devices at Burr Brown in Tucson, Arizona, and the last ten years with High Powered Analog at Texas Instruments, Dallas, Texas. He has also been teaching Advance Analog Layout techniques with the Dallas Community College Systems for ten years.

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